{Carla & Chris}

“I felt completely comfortable with Bessie because we had spent so much time planning this wedding and what details we wanted captured in the photos. We discussed every picture we wanted taken, and Bessie captured everything we wanted and more!”
I loved the timeline sheet that Bessie used because it made me see how early you have to get started with pictures before the actual ceremony. It was so helpful to have every moment of the day mapped out for me because it helped us stay on schedule. Bessie gave us deadlines and kept us on top of things so we could have everything we wanted in a timely fashion. For example, I wanted our engagement pictures taken at the peak of fall, and Bessie was able to be flexible with our schedule and do our session when the trees were the perfect colors. I did a bridal portrait session because I wanted a portrait of me in my dress at the wedding reception. Bessie was able to get the session completed and get a beautiful picture back to us in time to be displayed at the wedding.