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    The birth photography story of a second child birth, the 3 emotions of a c-section momma

    This family has a passion  for recording life’s moments! Everyday fun moments to the big life changing moments, like today! They post to social media to keep distant family up to date on their everyday life.  If you remember a few weeks ago, they were featured in a an elegant family maternity session, just one of those many life moments I have covered for them.  

    SENTARA RMH Nighttime

    I have been honored to be apart of many of their life stories, from engagement to wedding. Updated family pictures each year, company openings to Tropical Smoothie Christmas Parties! And then, some of the most special, the arrival of the “first” daughter in 2013, where I was there to capture the hospital birth of Miss August!  I was honored to be asked to be apart of such a private and vulnerable moment, I took great care to make sure to not be in the way and stay as unobtrusive as possible. During this birth, Corri experienced shoulder dystocia, a rare specific case of obstructed labor.  This created a higher risk in future pregnancies for it to happen again, determining the need for a future cesarean section.



    Fast forward a few years later, Corri & Travis are expecting their third baby girl, second pregnancy for Corri!! Corri was unsure of the photography regulations in place for coverage of the actual surgery, so after the date was set for the arrival of Miss MK, she found that it would be up to the staff to decide what was best for her, the baby and the team working for them!


    The date was set and all calendars were planned accordingly, hopes for this little girl to wait to make her planned debut were fulfilled, even after several friends went “early” the previous days and weeks.  I arrived at 6:30am to Sentara RMH Medical Center, to find Corri & Travis in a hospital room getting prepped for surgery… We were all anxiously awaiting hoping for positive feelings towards allowing me to go in with Travis for the reveal of the baby!!!

    …..We will let the rest of the story be told by the pictures!




    As you can see, all went well and we were able to capture this moment for them in addition to the many others.  Nerves, excitement, and fear of the unknown were the three feelings Corri had moving into the operating room.  Through prayer from friends and family, hand holding and encouragement from Travis, the step by step guidance by her doctor, midwife and nurses Corri and Travis were blessed with a healthy baby girl!  There were expectations of an 8lb baby, 8 lbs 11.6 oz to be exact, and at 19 inches she was a perfect little snugly bundle! Only crying out a few times, otherwise perfectly content throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon.  

    It was so amazing seeing all of the support team making sure we were able to get amazing photos of this entire experience.  I was so blown away by the willingness and overwhelming support and assistance shown to us by everyone.  One nurse even commented about the benefit of having a professional photographer there so the family could just concentrate on celebrating mom, dad & baby.  Even the anesthesiologist, commented on the benefit, because I guess, he normally get’s stuck with the camera!!  Happy to be of service!!