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Maternity & Newborn

You’re in the right place, mom!

It’s a time where the moments pass quickly, there’s excitement, nervousness and moments you know you will never get back.  That’s where I come in, planning a session to capture the love you and your partner share while waiting on or loving on your precious new miracle. 

Knowing when & where to schedule for the optimum experience, what to wear and how to pose are just a few things I will help with. 

You’ll receive a curated collection of posed and candid moments to choose from.

Next Step

Baby will be here soon!! Reach out to schedule your session, so the pre-baby checklist is just a little lighter!  Don’t forget…Maternity sessions should be scheduled in your first trimester and Newborn sessions in your third trimester.  Sessions begin at $350

Answers, for the questions I know you have

First of all, I get it!!!  I feel the same way when I have my family photographed too.. (me, my husband and our pup 😉

How I make sure we have more than one frame-worthy shot is to start out getting to know the kids for a few minutes asking questions, letting them see the camera, asking for their help, making mom and dad smile etc…

Then we start with our “can’t go home without” picture. The picture you HAVE to have, most likely it’s a family shot with everyone in it.  This way we get the hard one out of the way and we can relax and continue getting good ones from then on. 

Once we have a few – I let the kids do their own thing.  I remind the parents (ahemm…you) that we are not in any major time crunch and to let them be, this is where we get the candid keepers. 

We’ll finish out the session making sure we get as much as possible, I can usually tell when the session is “done” based on the kiddos, spouse (lol) or when the sun is going down! 

And finally, when you get your pictures back and IF there isn’t the PERFECT photo, we can easily do a “head-swap” to create a frameable photo and no one will be the wiser.  (headswap, you say?? What the…relax…it’s just when we take the perfect smile from a person and swap it with their head on the perfect group photo…voilà!!! (magic)

You’ll be surprised at what I can get on the move, there are prompts to get the kids to “freeze” and fun ways to incorporate what they want to do and still get those ideal shots for you too!! 

I have a typical two week turn-around unless you are notified differently at the booking of your session. Certain seasons are busier than others. Most galleries are delivered in a custom online gallery that’s easy to view & share.

I get you!!  I offer a clothing consult to you for this very reason, I find the clothing portion to be one of the comments I get as being the hardest thing about the session (well, that… and trouble picking from ALL of the favorites in their gallery)

You can send me pictures, I can come to your house and into your closet if you want…I even offer pictures for inspo or stores that will help you.  My family session guide has all of this and MORE!

No. You don’t HAVE to bring anything. I do encourage special blankets or coordinating accessories based on your session type.  I have a studio full of blankets and props that I will offer. 

Yes. We will reschedule for weather or illness.  There is a fee if you cancel just because…

You most certainly will have that option, yes!  But I can also guide you through ACTUALLY getting pictures printed and ON YOUR WALLS, in addition to having your digital files to… ahemm…store on your computer…

Wow, look at you being prepared!!  Schedule anytime before September/October (only a few October dates available for family sessions) Ideally Spring or late summer session dates are perfect!  The fall is busy ‘yall!!  So if you want those prime leaves poppin’ in your family photos, lets get you scheduled NOW!! 


Once you fill out the form, you will receive an email from me in 24-48 hours as some days are busier than others. 

Feel free to reach out directly at [email protected] or 540-820-0529

Maternity Newborn

New born & Maternity

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New Born & Maternity

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New Born & Maternity

Newborn Sessions

New Born & Maternity

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New Born & Maternity