“DIY” to I Do!


Carla and Chris have been a joy from beginning!  One of the sweetest couples and families I have eve had the chance to work with.  Their handmade wedding came together with detailed planning, help from friends and some of the best professionals.  Carla’s mom handmade the girls dresses, boys vests and several other decoration items!  This was truly a DIY wedding custom tailored to “suit” the bride & groom!

CarlaChris_55 CarlaChris_56 CarlaChris_69 CarlaChris_87 CarlaChris_108 CarlaChris_132 CarlaChris_156 CarlaChris_167 CarlaChris_169 CarlaChris_178 CarlaChris_194 CarlaChris_208 CarlaChris_216 CarlaChris_221 CarlaChris_225 CarlaChris_226 CarlaChris_267 CarlaChris_273 CarlaChris_297 CarlaChris_299 CarlaChris_327 CarlaChris_334 CarlaChris_356 CarlaChris_558 CarlaChris_575 CarlaChris_638 CarlaChris_645 CarlaChris_717 CarlaChris_752 CarlaChris_805 CarlaChris_837 CarlaChris_922 CarlaChris_989 CarlaChris_1011 CarlaChris_1012 CarlaChris_1045