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Frakes’ Family Photographs At The Beautiful White Oak Lavender Farm

The Frakes’ family: Rebecca, Matt, and their two kiddos, Oliver, and Harrison  are just an amazing family! We met early for a morning session, and we were able to snap some great family photographs! We started at eight-thirty in the morning, which is not usually an ideal time for a photoshoot because of the lighting, but we found the sweet spot that we needed for the kiddos and the lighting, so it all worked out for us!

Family Photographs At The Lavender Farm

Rebecca, along with some of her family, own White Oak, a lavender farm, where we photographed them. The farm also sports horses and other animals. It also has a rock garden, swings, and of course, lots of lavender patches!

The boys wore custom shirts monogrammed with their names, as well as fancy belts. The Frakes’ always like to “level up” their wardrobe for each photoshoot! Rebecca loves to print photos after every session to change out the photos on their walls. She does this at least twice a year when we do another family session together—that’s dedication for you!

No special occasion marked this family session, just a desire to stay up to date with family photos, and to keep in touch! We started the session getting the kiddos out of the car, and then spending some time talking and catching up. The kids are quite familiar with the farm, and love to play there so they got to run about before we started taking their family photographs.

Rebecca’s Favorite Spot

Rebecca has a favorite spot, right as we walked into the lavender patch at the top of the farmland. Oliver, the eldest boy, ran up to it and proudly told us that it was his mom’s favorite spot, which was so adorable! It was a good way to start the session!

Fortunately, with all the running around, no one fell or skinned their knees. Standing still isn’t easy for a four and two year old after all! Oliver pointed out a good place for photos under a tree, and that was definitely a favorite part of the photoshoot! He realized that we were looking for shade and climbed the tree for some photos. Last year we could barely get him to sit still for pictures and this time was no different!

A Truly Special Experience

This is one of the best things about having consistent clients who keep coming back for more! The kiddos know me, and the whole family has gotten comfortable with me. I get to see them more than once a year and watch the kids grow and mature, it’s a truly special experience!

We took all of the family photographs that we wanted, and as a reward for behaving, the boys got some popsicles from their mom! They ate them happily while Rebecca, Matt, and I talked and caught up with each other. We ended the session loading the boys back into the car with hugs all around! Thank you Frakes family for your friendship, and your consistent working relationship as well!

If your family needs a consistent and friendly photographer, or you need family photographs for your graduating senior or your growing business, please contact me for more information!

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