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The Loan Family Gender Reveal |  McGaheysville, VA

The Loans posing for their baby's gender reveal on a baseball field

The Loan family and I have worked together for a while now – since 2007! Corri and I have known each other since high school and I’ve helped them grow their two franchised restaurants with branding and grand opening photos. We’ve also shared many of the Loan family milestones together (me with a camera mostly). Including all the fun sessions for baby number four!

We took Corri’s pregnancy announcement photos together (check out the blog HERE) and now, after months of waiting, this precious family asked me to photograph the gender reveal as well!

This session was my first time knowing the baby’s gender before the family. It was such an honor to be a part of this intimate moment for the Loans! 

Sunny Day At The Ballpark

We photographed the gender reveal at a ballpark in McGaheysville, VA. Since Corri’s theme for the announcement was baseball (afterall, this pregnancy came at them like a curveball!), they wanted to keep the theme going for the gender reveal!

Collage of the Loans getting ready to hit a baseball and and get the gender reveal!

We had a bright, sunny, and very warm morning to find out which team Baby Loan would be joining: the girls team or the boys team! A lot of the family and friends that Corri and Travis wanted to invite were out of town, so they streamed the reveal on Facebook live – the wonders of technology! The session ended up being just the Loans and I, which added to the intimacy of the occasion.

The Loan girls were very excited to learn if they would finally have a baby brother or if they would be adding another sister to their team! Everyone shared their guesses for the gender reveal beforehand to raise the anticipation, even Lola their puppy! Most of us were thinking that it would be a girl.

The Loan Family setting up the livestream for their gender reveal.

The family had custom shirts made for the session just like for their initial announcement. We took a few photos and got everything set up for the live video. We took a few family pictures in their matching shirts and then one of the kiddos asked: “Can we find out now?” Which was our signal to start the festivities!

The Gender Reveal: It’s A Girl!

The Loans sent me off behind the dugout while they waited inside it so that I wouldn’t give anything away with a facial expression! They got the results after Corri’s appointment the day before and so they had to wait all night for the big gender reveal! I opened the envelope of the ultrasound pictures and there in tiny letters it said, “it’s a girl”! The Loans are now officially a girl family with dad being the only guy in the mix! I couldn’t wait to see their reaction!

Everyone was so sure that it was a girl, so there was no surprise when Travis hit the reveal baseball and it exploded into a pink cloud of dust. Everyone was so excited! All that’s left is to pick out a name for the new Loan girl! 

It's a girl! The Loan family finding out that they're having a girl during the gender reveal.

It was such an honor to be a part of this special gender reveal for the Loans! These are the moments that make me glad to be a photographer and make me want to keep on doing what I do, especially with this sweet family!

Travis and the Loan girls celebrating their new little sister at the gender reveal.
The Loans posing and hugging and kissing after the happy news at the gender reveal, it's a girl!
The Loan family all looking at Corri's ultrasound pictures
Travis carrying Corri princess-style during their baby's gender reveal.
The Loans all posing around Corri's ultrasound picture during the new baby's gender reveal
Corri posing and a picture of their dog with a bandana that says "big sister".
The Loan family all posing around Corri while Travis holds up the ultrasound picture
Travis kissing Corri on the cheek after their new baby's gender reveal, it's a girl!

If you or a family you know need a photographer to capture life’s sweetest moments, please contact me for more information!

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