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Rosson Farm Family Session | Emerald Hill Farm | McGaheysville Virginia

The Rosson family holding hands in a row during their farm family session

The Rosson family approached me in October of 2021 because they wanted to form a relationship with a professional photographer for their growing business and family. The Rossons own their own farm, and we got to shoot their family session there!

The Emerald Hill Farm is located in McGaheysville, Virginia. The Rossons wanted me to take some photos of their family, and some branding photos for their farm’s website. We were able to get a lot of great photos to help capture their joy and love as a family and to build their farm’s business!

Above all, we wanted to capture the family, especially the kiddos, working on the farm. We got photos of them doing farm chores, and interacting with the animals, including the new bird that they acquired!

The Rosson's doing work on the farm during their farm family session

Everyone was a bit apprehensive at the beginning. Before starting I asked everyone, especially the kids what photos they wanted. One of the girls wanted to get a picture climbing her favorite trees and the other girl wanted a picture driving her little motorized jeep around. Letting them help decide what photos we took really helped warm everyone up in front of the camera!

One of the Rosson girls driving around in a motorized jeep during a farm family session

The weather was nice for the session, not too hot with a steady breeze to keep us cool. We didn’t have any crazy weather, it was just the perfect evening for photos at the family farm! Speaking of perfect – I think they did an awesome job of coordinating their outfits for the pictures!

The family had obviously put a lot of thought into what they would wear during the session and everyone looked so good together. After the family photos, they actually changed into their branded work shirts and boots for the farm’s branding photos (another blog post coming soon!)

Collage of the Rosson's posing together as a family and just Jenny and Cody together during their farm family session

But hands down, my favorite part of this farm family session was getting to talk to the girls. They were the sweetest things! I loved getting to learn what their favorite animals were on the farm and about their interests! They were so well behaved and wanted to help with the photos. So to get them more involved (and keep them interested during the session) I had them help me take pictures of just their mom and dad!

Jenny and Cody (and their sweet little girls!) were awesome to work with and I’m grateful that they’re ready for us to build a relationship and work together for years to come! One of my goals for my photography business is to serve families and their businesses as they grow, and this opportunity is the first stepping stone for that goal! There are more Rosson family sessions, birthday parties, and events on the farm to photograph, and I hope to be there for them all!

Thank you Rosson family!

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Collage of the Rosson's all walking hand in hand
Collage of the whole family and then a couple of just the two girls during their farm family session
The Rosson girls posing on a picnic blanket in the grass
Cody and one of his little girls posing against a fence during a farm family session
Cody posing leaned against a fence during a farm family session
Jenny leaning up against a fence
Cody holding one of his girls and posing during their farm family session
The Rosson parents each separately posing with their girls during their farm family session
Jenny posing with her girls up in a tree
The Rosson girls laying on the grass for pictures
Jenny and Cody holding hands, hugging, and kissing on their farm during their farm family session

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